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You’ll find us in Howick,
East Auckland, New Zealand

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School Holiday Programme

With a different heritage theme offered every holiday, there’s always something new to come back to!

Our very own school holiday programme is educational and a lot of fun. A guide will take primary school children around the village, where children participate in activities like crafts, cooking games, and team activities. Bring a friend, a picnic lunch, a water bottle, old clothes and an adventurous spirit.

Please register below in advance as spaces are limited. 

Our holiday programme at the Howick Historical Village is aimed a primary aged school children. We host these programmes every second Thursday of the School Holidays and the last Thursday of the Christmas Holidays, please see below for details.


Impressions from our Holiday Programme


Planning Guide


Howick Historical Village School Holiday Programme

Full Day Visit

 Primary school chilldren
1 day activity
+ guided tour

one child

 Primary school chilldren
1 day activity
+ guided tour

second child


Dressing Up

There will be no Thursday Holiday Programme in Oct 2018 due to restructuring of programmes within the village.

As part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, families and children can explore Howick Historical Village and join in activities linked to occupations from the old days. Candle maker, besom maker, rope maker or blacksmith are probably not on the list of jobs you would choose today as technology and changing times have largely replaced them, but these holidays the old-time occupations are being revived again. Come and find out more. Monday to Friday there will be an activity with a villager at 11am and 2pm, so come along and have some fun in the holidays.

What children say

“We always make new friends.”

“Our holiday programme had a great time at Howick Historical Village.  We played awesome old games and learnt morse code!”

“Today was the second best day of my life – the first was the day I was bornded.”

“This place is so cool!”

“I’ll never forget this day ever.”


Reservation Request for our School Holiday Programme

Please note there will be no holiday programme in October 2018 due to restructuring of programmes within the village for the Auckland Heritage Festival.  Holiday programmes will re-convene in January 2019.

Please fill out the form below to request a space in the next holiday programme.

They are held every second Thursday of the School Holidays and Last Thursday of the Christmas Holidays.

We will be in touch with a booking confirmation and payment instructions for the next available school holiday programme.

No Holiday Programme in October 2018

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We ask that you allow the Howick Historical Village to take photos or videos including your child for promotional purposes. Please indicate your consent below.
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